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Monday, February 6, 2017

Greece to ratify the protection of Prespa Park

Environment and Energy Minister Sokratis Famellos has tabled a bill in parliament that would ratify the International Agreement on the Protection and Sustainable Development of Prespa Park in northern Greece.

The bill would continue to protect the park as a natural resource.
Prespa Park (PP), is the first transboundary protected area in the Balkans, and was established on February 2, 2000, World Wetlands Day, with a joint declaration by the Prime Ministers of Greece, Albania and FYROM, following a proposal from the Society for the Protection of Prespa and the WWF.

The news was welcomed by the municipality of Prespa and various environmental organizations and local protection groups such as the Managing Body of Prespa National Park, the Company for the Protection of Prespa, WWF Hellas, the Greek Ornithological Society, the Nature Protection Society, the Environment and Cultural Heritage Company, and the Goulandris Museum of Natural History.

The organizations urged lawmakers from all parties to approve the bill, as it was approved unanimously in the parliaments of other neighboring European countries.

“Prespa Park is the first cross-border nature reserve in the Balkans. For all of us, the future of the Prespa region means the cooperation and bridging of the gaps for a peaceful coexistence, maintaining the precious natural environment and sustainable development. In this direction, the implementation of the agreement will be catalytic,” the organizations said in a joint statement.


Ministri i Mjedisit dhe i Energjise ne Greqi, Sokratis Famellos ka derguar nje projektligj ne parlament qe do te ratifikoje Marreveshjen Nderkombetare per Mbrojtjen e Zhvillimit te Qendrueshem te Parkut te Prespes ne veri te Greqise. Ky projektligj do te vazhdoje te mbroje Parkun si nje burim natyror
Prespa par eshte e para zone e mbrojtur nderkufitare ne Ballkan, e cila u krijua ne 2 Shkurt 2000, ne Diten Boterore te Ligatinave, me nje deklarate te perbashket nga Kryeministrat e Greqise, Shqiperise dhe Maqedonise pas propozimit te Shoqates per Mbrojtjen e Prespes dhe WWF.
Ky lajm u mireprit  nga bashkia e Prespes dhe disa organizata mjedisore dhe grupe lokale si Bordi Menaxhues i Parkut Nacional te Prespes, Kompania per Mbrojtjen e Prespes, WWF Hellas, Shoqata Greke Ornithologjike, Shoqata per mbrojtjen e Natyres etj
Organizatat i kane bere thirrje ligjvenesve te te gjitha partive ta miratojne ligjin, i cili eshte miratuar unanimisht ne vendet e tjera fqinje.
Prespa park eshte rezerva e pare nderkufitare natyrore ne Ballkan. Per te gjithe ne e ardhmja e rajonit te Prespes, nenkupton bashkepunim dhe vendosjen e urave per nje bashkejetese paqesore, per ruajtjen e mjedisit te cmuar natyror dhe per zhvillimin e qendrueshem. Ne kete drejtim zbatimi i marreveshjes do jete thelbesor", thane organizatat ne nje deklarate te perbashket. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Albania is part of biggest lakes in Balkans

Albania is home to 247 natural lakes and more than 800 artificial lakes. Albania is part of three most important lakes of the Balkans Peninsula: Shkodra lake, Ohrid Lake and Prespa Lake.
Let's explore some of them:
Ohrid Lake

Lake Ohrid straddles the mountainous border between southwestern Macedonia and eastern Albania and is the deepest lake in the entire Balkan Peninsula, with a maximum depth of nearly 300 m. The historical value and the diverse flora and fauna have helped Lake Ohrid to become one of UNESCO’s Cultural and Natural Heritage sites. There are a variety of aquatic species in the lake, the most famous of which is the Koran, known for being a particularly delicious fish. The city of Pogradec, well known for its climate, was built on the southwestern coast of Lake Ohrid. Alongside the shore there are several tourist centers such as Lini, Pojska, Pogradec, Drilon and Tushemisht, where many hotels and guesthouses offer comfortable accommodations for a wonderful and relaxing vacation.

Prespa Lake

Prespa Lake consists of two branches, Great and Small Prespa. The latter branch cuts deeply into Albania's Galicica Mountain. It is the highest tectonic lake in the Balkans with an altitude of 853 m. Prespa Lake with a surface of 285 km2, of which 38.8 km2 belongs to Albania, is known for the small island of Maligrad. For those exploring the island, the old.
In this lake there are very important breeding populations of Dalmatian and white pelicans. Lakes Ohrid and Prespa are between two and four millionyears old and unique species of fish have evolved in them, among them the delicious koran and belushka.

Shkodra Lake

Shkodra Lake is located in northwestern Albania, straddles the border between Albania and Montenegro. and is the largest lake in the entire Balkan Peninsula, with an area of 370 km².
Thousands of cormorants winter on this lake each year. It is relatively shallow and is fed by many different rivers as well as by springs, making it quite varied in its aquatic life, with various species of carp and trout in its waters.

The main tourist centers are Shiroka and Zogaj, offering numerous hotels and restaurants. This area is famous for it’s variety of fish, including carp, eel and shtojzë. The main leisure activities here are fishing, swimming, sunbathing and the exploration of the area.

Other lakes
Those who are willing to explore more of Albania will be able to see the artificial lakes formed by the Drin’s cascade (Vau i Dejës Lake, Komani Lake and Fierza lake), the artificial lakes of Shkopeti and Ulza, the small glacial lakes of Lura, Balgjait, Dobërdol, Sylbice, Rajca and many more.